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System Overview

With Kabuflex and Furowell, FRÄNKISCHE offers proven structured-wall pipes which have been used for decades.

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Kabuflex, the proven cable ducts
Kabuflex is produced according to structured-wall pipe extrusion technology. During production, a corrugated outer pipe and a smooth inner pipe are homogenously welded together. Modern technology creates a homogeneous unit from these very strong, pliable pipes and provides high compressive strength and high impact strength.
Kabuflex cable ducts are manufactured according to DIN EN 61386-24. A constant quality control during production guarantees consistent quality.
A wide range of accessories completes the system and offers various possible applications.

Kabuflex S
The straight length pipe features both high static stability and pliability. The relatively low weight allows for easy transport and renders special installation equipment unnecessary. The product range includes suitable spacers that allow for Kabuflex S to be installed in cable bundles next to and on top of each other.

Kabuflex R
The flexible coiled conduit is a reasonable addition to the range of cable protection products. Thanks to the coiled design and its flexibility, it can be installed over long distances without couplings or bends and is therefore ideal for places with difficult site conditions, e. g. small radius or retrofit installations. The conduit focuses on efficiency thanks to quick and rational installation.

Furowell, the pole pipe in structured-wall design
Furowell, the vertically installed pole pipes, offers various opportunities for installing poles, masts and all types of rods: lamp posts, traffic signs, flag poles, mile markers, foundations for playground equipment, etc.
Quick and easy installation, ideal embedding into the ground thanks to a corrugated outside surface, high stability and practical heights and diameters are the most important advantages of the system as compared to traditional foundations.