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About us

FRÄNKISCHE is an international, growth-oriented family business, managed in the third generation by President Otto Kirchner. More than 100 years of experience and our dedicated employees are the foundation of our success.

Core Business

FRÄNKISCHE develops, produces and sells pipes, shafts and system components made of plastic and metal. With our range of products, we provide perfect solutions for structural and civil engineering, and automotive and industrial applications.


FRÄNKISCHE is a family business with deep roots in the region. Its business policy is geared towards sustainability and it has been successful for generations.


In 1906, the company was first founded under the name "Fränkische Isolierrohr- und Metallwarenwerke Georg Schäfer & Cie.". More than 100 years later, FRÄNKISCHE is a renowned company and employing more than 4,200 people.

Market data

Selected facts and figures emphasize FRÄNKISCHE's strong position in the German and international markets.