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DIN 1185 and DIN 1187 are the most important standards regarding agricultural drainage. In addition, there is abundant technical literature that is worth reading on that subject. We recommend in particular the "surface drainage instructions" by Prof. Dr. Eggelsmann.


DIN 1185 (December 1973)

"Drainage; Control of Sub-Surface Water Management by Drainage with Pipes, Open-Ditch Drainage and Amelioration." ( „Dränung – Regelung des Bodenwasserhaushaltes durch Rohrdränung, Rohrlose-Dränung und Unterbodenmelioration")

DIN 1185 comprises five parts and applies to procedures controlling sub-surface water management of agricultural surfaces by drainage.


DIN 1187 (November 1982)

"Unplasticised poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) drainpipes; dimensions, requirements, testing." („Rohre aus weichmacherfreiem Polyvinylchlorid (PVC-hart); Maße, Anforderungen, Prüfungen")

This standard applies to corrugated (flexible) and smooth (straight length) drainage pipes made of unplasticised polyvinylchloride (PVC-U) which are predominantly used for controlling sub-surface water management according to DIN 1185.

"Surface Drainage Instructions" by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Eggelsmann

The book, published in 1973, is considered a milestone in technical literature on drainage technology. Mr Eggelsmann manages to consider virtually all of the German and also some of the foreign literature on improving sub-surface water management by amelioration. He provides the drainage expert with an overview of all questions regarding drainage for the first time. In practice, the "sub-surface drainage instructions" include all necessary working bases for planning, design, construction and operation of drainage systems.