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System Overview

We work with two systems in agricultural drainage: FF-drän – the yellow drainage pipe, tried and tested for over 50 years – and Kokofil/Multifil, the wrapped drainage pipes for difficult site conditions.

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FF-Drän is a yellow, flexible drainage pipe system, that meets all the requirements of DIN 1187 - it applies to drainage pipes made of unplasticised polyvinylchloride (PVC-U) - FF-drän also meets the highest quality requirements for reliable drainage. A wide range of accessories complements the system. FF-drän has proven its value over many years and has been a pioneering drainage product in Germany. It is used in many areas, e. g. agricultural drainage, landscaping, cemeteries, civil engineering etc.

Kokofil and Multifil

Kokofil is a coconut fibre-wrapped, and Multifil is a polypropylene mix-wrapped FF-drän pipe. Regarding mechanical ditchless installation, wrapped drainage pipes offer the advantage of an external filter layer which renders additional installation of separate filter layers unnecessary. Wrapped pipes therefore offer many advantages in particular for difficult site conditions.