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System Overview

We use two systems in building drainage: opti-drän – the proven complete drainage system and FSD – the FRÄNKISCHE cladding drainage system that combines foundation slab cladding with reliable ring drainage.

opti-drän system

opti-drän has been the proven system for professional building drainage for over 25 years. It complies with all requirements of the DIN 4095 and provides complete protection of the basement.

System components

  • opti-drän straight length drainage pipe: For all building drainage applications, quality-monitored production, easy installation.
  • opti-control flushing/inspection and collection shaft: Ensure long-term smooth operation of drainage systems.
  • opti-flor separating and filter fabric: Avoids silting of the drainage and infiltration layer.


FSD is a cladding drainage system for cladding and drainage of buildings with foundation slabs. It reduces the number of work steps as compared to traditional foundation slab cladding by combining cladding and drainage (ring drainage) into one single system. Only one work step is left – in addition, the system can be installed easily and without any problems.

System components

  • FSD-Profil cladding elements: The element inside is hollow and slit on the outside like a drainage pipe. After installation, the cladding elements serve as reliable building drainage.
  • FSD-control flushing and inspection shafts: Ensure long-term smooth operation of the drainage system.