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Electrical Systems

Electrical systems

The electrical systems division provides electrical conduits (corrugated or smooth plastic and metal pipe systems) for installations in buildings, outdoors and underground as well as for cable protection. The spectrum ranges from pipes for different forms of installation (concrete, concealed, exposed, cavity wall installations) to conduits with special characteristics for specific applications, e. g. for zero halogen installations and for fire protection.

The electrical systems division also contributes largely to standardisations in the electrical industry within Germany and developments of the general electronics market by its cooperation with numerous initiatives and associations such as the Zentralverband Elektrotechnik und Elektroindustrie e.V. (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association), Elektromarken. Starke Partner., Elektro + or HEA Fachgemeinschaft für effiziente Energieverwendung e.V. (HEA Association for Efficient Energy Use).