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Fluid systems

It’s great to be special!

We specialize in designing and manufacturing medium-conducting systems for tailored, complex applications. Most of the time, the challenge is working under extreme conditions and finding appropriate solutions. We are highly experienced in dealing with e. g. very hot or extremely cold environments and aggressive media (chemical influences) or very narrow spaces where the systems must adapt very flexibly and with narrow bend radii.

Custom-tailored developments

Our solutions always focus on great ideas regarding medium-conducting systems of various types and materials, e. g. corrugated and smooth pipes or knitted hoses. Injection molded components, blow molding. We offer simple medium-conducting conduits just like assembled tailored systems with customized connection options or flexible containers for various applications and highest requirements regarding quality and strength. Our products are used in the automotive and utility vehicles industries, and also in various classical industries, such as medical engineering, home appliances, sanitary technology, geothermal and solar thermal energy, but also swimming pool technology. Almost all of our systems are custom-tailored developments.
Our work is characterized by us being involved by the customer at a quite early stage – most of the time already during the brainstorming for new product developments at the customer's. We consider permanent availability due to ever shorter development times, and tailor-made logistics concepts as a basic requirement in times of innovation, but also after that. We meet our customers' needs as an international partner with production sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, the US, Mexico and China. Our global production sites offer the following technologies:
• extruding (corrugated and smooth pipes, mono- and multi-layer)
• thermoforming
• installation
• injection molding
• blow molding
• knitting
• surface coating
• assembling