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The following overview provides you with important information about the alpex products and corresponding application.

Application types

Home installation and building services as well as industrial applications


alpex-duo® / XS 16 x 2; 20 x 2; 26 x 3; 32 x 3
alpex-plus® 16 x 2; 20 x 2
alpex L 40 x 3.5; 50 x 4; 63 x 4.5; 75 x 5

Pipe structure

Polyethylene multilayer composite pipe with butt-welded aluminium layer;
alpex-duo® of PE-X/AL/PE-X
alpex L of PE-X/AL/PE-X

Drinking water

As drinking water pipe for cold and hot water of all possible drinking water qualities
according to the German Drinking Water Ordinance, as amended, the alpex system satisfies all the requirements for sanitary installations at a pH > 6.5 and a total hardness > 5°dH. Max. operating pressure is 10 bar at 95°C operating temperature.


The alpex system can be used without limitations in heating applications as a heating pipe within the given capacity ratings. It is also suitable for radiant heating and the aluminium core makes it absolutely oxygen-tight. A system separation is required for district heating.
Hot water according to VDI 2035. Max. temperature 95°C.


As a stormwater pipe up to the water outlet within buildings for a stormwater pH > 6.

Compressed air

Suitable as compressed air pipe in systems with upstream oil filter (oil-free) up to 12 bar operating pressure and max. 40°C operating temperature, including for vacuum systems to 0.8 bar.


Anti-freeze with no explosive properties as water glycol mixture up to 35% by volume, e.g. with Antifrogen N/L; Tyfocor N/L or Nalco 77336 provides frost protection to approx. -20°C.Other fluids and applications upon request (e.g. disinfectant).

Installation in buildings

Suitable for installation within buildings as exposed pipes, concealed installation, riser and distribution pipe system as well as for laying in pre-wall with prefabricated fixing devices or in concrete building elements. The fittings must be protected against ammonia or chloride compounds. alpex crimp connections exhibit permanent seals and are therefore approved for concealed installation.

Installation outside buildings

The alpex system (pipes and fittings) must be protected against sustained, direct UV exposure (sunlight).


The optimal ambient temperature for proper installation is above 0°C; however, installation is possible down to -10°C. For installation temperatures below -10°C, specific manufacturer instructions for compression machines must be observed.

Threaded connections

The thread sealant must be suitable for the specific application. Hemp with a suitable, certified sealing compound is preferred as the seal for threaded connections. Only seal materials tested and certified by DVGW are permitted for drinking water installations.

Material class

The alpex system corresponds to material class B2 (normal flammability) according to
DIN 4102.


alpex-duo® XS/alpex-plus® DVGW DW-8501BP0387
alpex-duo® DVGW DW 80501AT2396
alpex L DVGW DW-8501BU0425