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Roads and tracks connect people and keep life running. In addition to providing supply and disposal and communication facilities, roads and tracks are the third pillar in our technical infrastructure.

Current situation in Germany

Road inspections have revealed that between 30 % and 40 % of all German roads are currently damaged or in need of repairs. Considering the rapid growth of mobility, using the road network involves potential risks and more damage will affect infrastructure.

Causes of road damage

In addition to normal, age-related wear and tear and the constantly increasing traffic volume, for which many roads have not been designed, improper drainage is one of the main reasons for road damage and impairment of roadworthiness.

Road and track drainage

Due to limited public funds, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain roads and tracks in a sound and roadworthy condition. Preventive measures can sustainably improve the quality and safety of the road network.

Having a proper and working drainage is one of the most important requirements for safe usability and the life of roads and tracks.

Challenges and goals

Drainage systems help to collect and release surface water (danger due to aquaplaning, ice), water from the soil or road superstructure (danger due to frost damage) and from water coming from outside.

Drainage and transport pipes are used to collect and route or discharge different types and amounts of water.


Studies and evaluations have revealed that the majority of road construction measures will focus rather on repair or extension (expansion and improvement) of the existing network than on new constructions. This leads to high demands on construction companies and products to be used.

Efficiency, rapid construction progress while maintaining traffic flow, and cost reduction while at the same time maintaining quality standards are essential in today's road and track construction.

Modern drainage systems require durability, high load capacity, easy handling and inspection-friendliness.