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System Overview

In addition to standard requirements, FRÄNKISCHE systems for superstructure drainage, stormwater transport and track drainage meet highest demands on long-term exposure to stress, static capacity and safety. A wide range of system components and accessories, and a complete range of fittings allow for quick and economic adjustment to on-site conditions.

System Overview
Superstructure drainage
Drainage systems for collecting surface water, road structure water and soil water as well as water entering from the side
  • Strasil - corrugated pipe with smooth ivert 
  • Strabusil - structured-wall drainage pipe 
  • StrabuControl - drainage pipe shaft system
  • StrabuControl 600 - drainage pipe shaft system

Stormwater transport
Transport pipe systems for draining roads and discharging municipal stormwater from residential, commercial and industrial areas, and for discharging stormwater into receiving waters.
  • StormPipe - proven transport pipe
  • Robukan SMR - transport pipe for special requirements 
  • AquaTrafficControl - transport pipe shaft system
  • AquaTrafficControl variabel - shaft system with variable connection angle 
  • AquaFlex - connection pipe 
  • AquaDock - 90 degree connection
  • Saddle -  90 degree connection

Track drainage
The DBS 918064 directive of Deutsche Bahn AG specifies in detail the requirements for drainage systems for different pressure ranges of the roadbed and thus focuses on highest safety requirements!
  • RailPipe - drainage pipe
  • StrabuControl - flushing and inspection shaft