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Various standards apply in gardening, landscaping and sports field construction depending on the application.
DIN 1185 (December 1973)
"Drainage; Control of Sub-Surface Water Management by Drainage with Pipes, Open-Ditch Drainage and Amelioration". DIN 1185 comprises five parts and applies to procedures controlling sub-surface water management of agricultural surfaces by drainage.

DIN 18035-3
"Sports grounds - Part 3: Drainage"
This standard for sports ground drainage describes the requirements for professional surface and general drainage. DIN 18035-3 includes all types of sports and recreational grounds, where games such as soccer, American football, hockey, tennis, etc. are played.

"Sports ground construction and preservation" (Sportplatzbau und -erhaltung) by the German Soccer Association
This brochure includes additional, comprehensive information regarding professional drainage of sports fields in addition to DIN 18035-3.