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System Overview

We offer two different systems for gardening, landscaping and sports field construction. On the one hand, the tree ventilation and irrigation set and, on the other hand, the GaLa-drän drainage system.
Tree ventilation and irrigation set
GaLa-drän - system
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Tree ventilation and irrigation set
This set includes a 5m PVC-U corrugated ventilation and drainage pipe in green, one tee, one Walu end cap as end element and two Walu anchors for stability and to protect against vandalism. It has been designed for permanent ventilation and irrigation of the root zone of trees.

GaLa-drän system
GaLa-drän is a DIN-compliant drainage system for sports field construction. Its ideal water intake capacity and discharge properties allow for quick recovery of sports fields in case of weather-related disruptions. The system's complete inspectability and flushability guarantee long-term operating reliability.

System components

  • GaLa-drän - straight length drainage pipes: easy to handle straight length drainage pipes as suction and drainage pipes
  • GaLa-control - flushing and inspection shaft: ensures long-term smooth operation of the drainage system