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4 challenges - 1 solution

Water is the lifeblood of all organisms, but if uncontrolled, runoff can also pose a threat, in particular to built-up areas. There will be 4 challeges and we have created 1 solution.

4 Challenges - 1 Solution
Transport, treat, store , discharge
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Paved surfaces disrupt natural water flows. Four basic challenges arise when handling stormwater with the goal to re-establish the natural water cycle:

Transport - treat - store - discharge
No matter what the initial situation and the requirement, whether it be motorway, railroad track, urban drainage or commercial parking lot - FRÄNKISCHE always provides the perfect complete solution.

Collect and transport stormwater

  • Strabusil / AquaPipe – for water and stormwater infiltration in road construction
  • RailPipe – for water infiltration in railway construction
  • Robukan SMR – sewer system in urban development

Treat stormwater
  • RigoClean - treatment using a fine strainer
  • SediPoint - sedimentation shaft
  • SediPipe - sedimentation of finest particles (replaces stormwater sedimentation tanks)
  • SediSubstrator - additional adsorption of dissolved pollutants
  • SediPipe XL plus - with integrated oil separation also during rainfall

Store stormwater
  • SickuPipe - gravel pipe swales (infiltration)
  • MuriPipe – underdrained swales (detention/infiltration)
  • Rigofill inspect - detention/infiltration system (DIBt, RAL, CSTB, BBA)
  • RigoCollect - wrapped detention/infiltration systems (detention/harvesting)

Discharge stormwater in a controlled way
  • QuadroLimit - block-shaped system shaft valve with object-specific throttle valve
  • AquaLimit - vortex shaft with object-specific throttle valve
  • RigoLimit V- vortex shaft with exchangeable gland
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