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Planning Support

Each challenge related to handling stormwater presents individual challenges, because the framework conditions of the individual projects vary significantly. We support your building project in every stage from planning to completion.

System consulting and support in construction projects
Many years of experience in stormwater management make us a strong partner at your side. For reliable construction projects, we provide regional engineering consulting through all project stages:

We design complete systems, dimension components using state-of-the-art technology and help you realise your construction project.

RigoPlan software

The variety of and the number of possible applications of stormwater management systems cannot be completely covered, because every single system must be planned individually according to on-site requirements and site-specific problems. Dimensioning software can be used to plan different types of stormwater management systems, such as infiltration systems, detention basins.

This software is based on the relevant standards and guidelines of the DWA A 138 or the A 117 worksheets. The software also includes the dimensioning of stormwater treatment systems according to the DWA M 153 bulletin.

RigoCAD® drawing library

AutoCAD drawings include standard installation situations that are shown with longitudinal and lateral sections and as a layout, which can be modified by the planning engineer to fit the present building project. These drawings can then be included in the planning documents or added to the tender documents as explanatory detailed drawings.