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System Overview

In compliance with the amended German Federal Water Act, FRÄNKISCHE system solutions are always state-of-the-art. Our systems for stormwater treatment, detention, infiltration and harvesting meet the request for best-available technologies.

Stormwater treatment - for reliability and protection of water bodies

Stormwater treatment is indispensable. This primarily ensures reliability and durability of your system. Depending on the degree of pollution of the stormwater, water protection requirements might call for higher treatment performances. In addition to underdrained swale systems, today technical high-performance systems are often used, which are characterised in particular by their durability and cost-efficiency. FRÄNKISCHE systems have been designed to meet different requirements.

Stormwater infiltration – giving back to nature
Stormwater should infiltrate wherever it occurs and be returned to the natural water cycle. Decentralised infiltration through underdrained swale systems, pipe swales and detention/infiltration units (DIUs) returns the water to where it belongs – into the natural water cycle.

Stormwater detention instead of flooding

If subsoil conditions are unfavourable to infiltration, the goal is to detain the stormwater and ensure a retarded, time-lagged release. Exposure to impulsive stress can be eliminated or reduced in sewer networks, wastewater treatment systems and water bodies. To achieve this, systems with vortex outlets must be used. Detention swales are a reasonably priced alternative to conventional detention facilities, such as detention channels or subsoil concrete tanks.

Stormwater harvesting – saving drinking water

Water – particularly drinking water – is a priceless resource, which should be treated responsibly and used sparingly. Stormwater can be used sensibly if the water must not necessarily be suitable for drinking purposes. This stormwater could be e. g. used for irrigation of greens or even car washes.