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Reliability and protection of water bodies

Collected stormwater can be polluted with different materials, e. g. coarse dirt, mud and light liquids from road traffic or industrial facilities. These materials can cause malfunctions of stormwater management systems such as infiltration swales. In addition, they can pose a threat to downstream water bodies or the groundwater.

In this case, stormwater must be treated before discharge or infiltration. This treatment must verifiably meet the specific operational requirements and requirements of water regulation according to state-of-the-art technology. The basic criteria for selecting a suitable treatment system is e. g. the DWA-M 153 bulletin.

Innovative alternatives

Conventional systems are often open concrete stormwater sedimentation tanks according to DWA-A 166. They require a lot of space and a considerable excavation depth. FRÄNKISCHE provides a comprehensive range of alternatives. SediPipe replaces e. g. stormwater sedimentation tanks and provides great advantages for construction and later land use thanks to its low excavation depth. The system does not consume any surface space. The land can be used for car parks or roads and tracks.