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System Overview

In order for the swales to function properly and to protect waterbodies, stormwater must be treated. In urban areas, where land is scarce and expensive, subsoil systems save a lot of space.

Underdrained swale systems using MuriPipe

The swale cleans the water through the natural filtering function of the root zone. The treatment performance of a swale is usually considered high. It is therefore the benchmark for treatment performance.

SediPipe, SediPipe XL plus

These two systems treat stormwater based on the principles of sedimentation. Finest particles are separated from stormwater by sedimentation. SediPipe XL plus features, in addition to sedimentation, integrated oil separation in case of spills which functions properly also in rainfall events. Both system types are full-value replacements for stormwater sedimentation tanks, but do not consume any surface space since they work underground.


This system filters stormwater based on the principles of adsorption. The treatment performance is similar to that of the root zone when using underdrained swale systems, but SediSubstrator requires a lot less space. The SediSubstrator system is used as substrate step after the sedimentation path (SediPipe).


This system is a treatment shaft used upstream of an infiltration system. The system uses a strainer which detains coarse dirt and fine particles up to 0.5 mm. RigoClean is ideally suited for rooftop runoff or unpolluted runoff from paved areas.

Function certification

The systems have a defined treatment performance certified by scientific evidence and classified in corresponding regulations, such as DWA-M 153.