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Building ventilation

Nowadays, many buildings are built in a nearly hermetically sealed-in way in order to save energy. Without heat recovery ventilation (HRV), the rooms in these buildings would have to be aired by opening the windows very often.

Nevertheless, due to the lack of air exchange, the room climate could hardly be kept from deteriorating constantly.

Heat recover ventilation (HRV) provides a permanent, controlled supply of fresh air to the building while removing used air at the same time. This makes for an extremely healthy living climate.

With profi-air, FRÄNKISCHE offers a central ventilation system that fulfils every demand for heat recovery ventilation (HRV) and, moreover, enables very flexible solutions regarding its installation. It is a matter of course that all applicable standards and regulations have to be observed.

The way heat recovery ventilation (HRV) works is rather simple! The ventilation unit supplies pure, draught-free fresh air and removes stale, CO2-containing air from the room. This air exchange takes place permanently and is controlled by the profi-air ventilation unit. The air is evenly distributed within the building by the profi-air distribution system – ventilation pipes installed in star shape, which are appropriately controlled by supply and exhaust air distributors. To regulate the air flow, profi-air is operated by constant volumetric flow controllers installed directly at the supply/exhaust air distributors or through opening/closing the local air valves in the rooms.

The heat recovery ventilation (HRV) always maintains the quality of air at an optimum level, totally independent of the air conditions outside the building. This has many positive effects on the human organism, especially for people suffering from allergies, as it prevents pollen and fine dust from entering the house. Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) also has a positive impact on the building itself by preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Ventilation components for OEM

In addition to building ventilation, we specialise in innovative solutions for air ducting, or for air suction and exhaust in a wide variety of applications. We manufacture the respective products, parts or components to precise customer specifications for our OEM partners. Our services range from creative brainstorming to support in development and engineering, to production and just-in-time delivery. We have a wide range of technical possibilities. The following applications show part of our competencies: vacuum cleaners, wall-mounted hair dryers, saws, milling cutters, grinders, drills, chimney renovation, etc.