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System Overview

FRÄNKISCHE offers the robukan SMR sewer system for municipal and private wastewater disposal. The system meets highest standards with regard to safety, stability, efficiency and reliability.

robukan SMR

robukan SMR is a sewer system that has been designed for gravity drain systems. It comprises all the required components and accessories and can be used both as wastewater/combined sewer and as stormwater sewer.

robukan SMR meets all requirements of the DIN EN 13476-3.

Depending on the requirements, sewer pipes are available in two stiffness classes. This covers all known applications and installation situations.

The system has proven its value over many years and provides unparalleled easy handling.


robukan SMR system components


robukan SMR sewer pipes:

  • stable structured-wall design (smooth inside and corrugated outside)
  • stiffness classes SN 16 (orange inside) and SN 8 (yellow inside)
robu-dock 90 degree connection/ saddle:
  • connection for watertight and reliable joints to robukan SMR
  • suitable for retrofit installations
robu-control and rain-control shafts:
  • building connection shafts for wastewater, combined wastewater and stormwater
  • provides ideal inspection and cleaning access