Network installations

Network installations

Unsteady images in streaming films? Internet sites building up at a snail's pace? There is no place for it all in the building of the future – the internet must work smoothly, data must be available at all times.

We have given careful thought to the matter of supplying your home with energy and data lines in an ideal way. The solution is as easy as may be: We have furnished an electrical conduit with a data cable and then added an intelligent component – our DATALIGHT system. When you install a power supply system in your home – with DATALIGHT, the installation of your data network is already included. Data connections are already available at every socket, and you will never have to make any modifications.

Broadband installation in buildings

With DATALIGHT, you will ideally adjust your home to your personal needs: smart home systems, smart TV, music streaming ... It is up to you to decide how much comfort and convenience you wish to have at home and on the go. There are virtually no limits, because you can rely on stable data transmission.

Be it new construction, renovation or simply retrofitting a network connection – with DATALIGHT you opt for the right solution. Optical fibre lines distribute the data exactly to the spots where these are actually required. In each room – to each terminal device.




brochure DATALIGHT

brochure DATALIGHT
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