First EBA-approved twin-wall pipe

First EBA-approved twin-wall pipe

High-speed ICEs and heavy freight trains: Drainage pipes must withstand extreme stresses in the drainage of railway tracks. FRÄNKISCHE could deliver proof of the robustness and reliability of their RailPipe®, the first twin-wall pipe approved by the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt - EBA) for the use in the internal pressure range. Hence, the pipe can be installed directly beneath rail tracks.

RailPipe® conforms to any technical requirement of the Deutsche Bahn and therefore features the manufacturer-related product qualification HPQ. This is why the railway company has used the reliable RailPipe® drainage pipe for drainage in the external pressure range and outside the pressure range. For the use in the internal pressure range, directly beneath the tracks, though, the pipes and shafts need additional EBA-approval. FRÄNKISCHE’s polypropylene drainage pipe was the first twin-wall pipe to receive this certificate. “With RailPipe® we have got a pipe covering all pressure ranges of the roadbed and track and may serve any field of application. The drainage pipe complies with all standards and requirements of Deutsche Bahn and the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt”, says Martin Stühler, head of FRÄNKISCHE’s track construction team. Thus, the pipe meets the high impact strength and flexural fatigue strength requirements.

Sturdy to withstand extreme static and dynamic requirements
Deutsche Bahn requires SN8 as minimum ring stiffness for a drainage pipe: FRÄNKISCHE doubles this value to SN 16 in RailPipe®. To absorb large water volumes, the pipes have extra-large 2.5 mm perforations centred in the corrugation trough. The rounded perforations avoid cracks owing to notch stresses. With
RailPipe® FRÄNKISCHE provides the first twin-wall pipe with EBA certification for track drainage, which complies with highest requirements in terms of reliability and stability.

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