New fitting for rotated pipe section

FRÄNKISCHE nailed it: The new profi-air tunnel connecting element rotated 180° replaces as many as three parts used previously to axially rotate the pipe section. Due to this, profi-air tunnel pipes for heat recovery ventilation (HRV) can be easily connected in each installation situation.

Make one out of three – from now on, the installers will need only one fitting at the construction site to rotate the pipe section by 180 degrees: The new profi-air tunnel connecting element rotated 180° combines the previously used rotary adapter and two connecting elements in one single component.

"Our new profi-air fitting makes planning, preparation and installation far easier for the users: With two components only – the profi-air connecting element and the profi-air connecting element rotated 180° – they are now well-equipped for each and every connection situation on site," explains Tobias Fraas, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division. The new fitting is installed in no time at all: If necessary, the installer puts it into the connection point, rotates the pipe section by 180 degrees this way, and then continues the installation of profi-air tunnel.

Addition to the profi-air tunnel HRV pipe system

The tunnel-shaped, hard-wearing profi-air tunnel pipe helps to implement piping systems for heat recovery ventilation on unfinished floors, in suspended ceilings, installation walls or risers. The double-walled plastic pipe boasts a smooth, antistatic and antibacterial inside that reduces pressure losses and allows high volume flows.