Electrical installations for machines and production lines

Cable protection for machine and plant engineering

Cable conduits ensure protection against mechanical and chemical influences, humidity and moisture, heat and cold, abrasion, impacts and noise – an endless number of applications including not least robotics, telecommunications and electronics in general, e.g., high-voltage on-board electrical systems. The focus is always on protecting the cable.

Yet, cable conduits do more than just protect. They create – for example in electrical installations – an invisible infrastructure which makes the protected cable accessible and enables subsequent modifications, replacements and additions. Cable conduits provide reliability and flexibility all-in-one.

Retrofit protection

Years of exposure to UV radiation or weather take a lot out of unprotected cables and wires: they do not just change their colour but become brittle and flawed. This compromises the reliability as well as the function of the entire electrical installation.

You can protect existing installations from UV radiation and mechanical influences using Co-flex retrofit installations.

High load through dynamic applications

Every day, cables and wires must resist high dynamic movements in elevators, high-bay warehouses, overhead doors or in machines with quickly moving parts.

The flexible FFMYD is particularly suited for these special requirements with high dynamic movements where conduits protect wires and cables in a cable carrier or moving freely.