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Existing Building

Modernisation of existing buildings

The energy transition is a key political concern. The German government is calling for and promoting sustainable technologies and is increasingly establishing a legal framework. Many homeowners are renovating and modernising their existing buildings with energy-efficient and sustainable solutions. With our extensive range of electrical conduits, we can cover the various requirements for modernising existing buildings – whether installing a heat pump, photovoltaic systems or wallboxes for electric cars, or retrofitting data and power cables.

Our electrical conduits are designed for the renovation and modernisation of existing buildings: They protect against mechanical loads above ground on roofs or carports. Our underground conduits provide underground protection for power and data cables. The range of seals guarantees a secure building lead-through that is gas-tight and pressure-water-tight. For maximum safety and flexibility for the future of homeowners.

Electrical conduits for existing buildings

Our range provides the right solutions for the special applications of modernising existing buildings. Click through the yellow touchpoints to see how our products are used for installations and retrofits.

Making existing buildings fit for the future

Modernising existing buildings with sustainable technologies leads to long-term cost savings. With a photovoltaic system, homeowners disconnect from fluctuating electricity prices and generate affordable solar electricity. Sustainable and energy-efficient heat pumps can replace old gas or oil heating systems. Providing the building walls with heat and cold insulation is also advisable to save energy and heating costs. Homeowners can benefit from numerous state subsidy programmes when modernising existing properties. They can make use of additional financial benefits by combining energy-saving measures in particular.

The Kabuflex R plus 450 co2ntrol electrical conduit ensures the safe routing of power cables in the ground to the heat pump, photovoltaic system or wallbox.

To protect cable routing of photovoltaic systems or heat pumps installed outdoors: The Co-flex PP-UV corrugated conduit withstands outdoor stresses such as heat, moisture, storms and UV radiation.

During façade insulation, electrical conduits can be retrofitted to increase the number of sockets. The FFKu-ReMo click corrugated plastic conduit can be installed quickly and easily using adhesive click technology.

The FA 150 VBF front flange with the FA 150 DE-KD insert for feeding through cables and conduits enables a gas-tight and pressure-water-tight building lead-through. Suitable for the electrical connection of heat pumps and wallboxes.


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