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Gas-tight and water pressure-tight building lead-through

Pressure sealings

House lead-through

Cable network operators specify stringent regulations for building lead-throughs regarding connections to the low voltage system, and demand standard-compliant systems for building penetrations. Our Kabuflex system secures the gas-tight and water pressure-tight building lead-through of supply lines such as power and communication cables. The components – the Kabuflex R plus type 750 conduit, the Kabu-IN DD and Kabu-Seal internal sealing, the wall collar set as well as the FA 150 sealing system – have been designed to perfectly match each other.

Installed in a system, they provide the pressure tightness required by the network operators. Due to the optimised green inner surface, cables can be easily inserted. If installers use the Kabuflex type 750 conduit in combination with the Kabu-IN DD internal sealing, the Kabu-Seal pressure sealing ring or the wall collar set, the building lead-through can withstand a pressure of up to 1.5 bar (water pressure tightness).

The components – the Kabuflex R plus type 750 conduit, the Kabu-IN DD internal sealing and the wall collar set – have been designed to perfectly match each other and are available in the Kabu-FESH set.

Building lead-through

The FRÄNKISCHE range of Kabu sealing products includes conduit and cable sealings for gas- and water-tight access to the building through the foundation slab and via the basement wall.

The Kabu-IN cable sealing coupled with Kabuflex R plus conduits ensures secure cable feed-through to the building. The internal sealing helps to achieve a sufficient degree of tightness of 0.5 bar and is available in a number of variants for 1 to 6 cables with an outside diameter from 7 to 60 mm.

Possible applications are gas-tight and water pressure-tight connections between the building and the garden or garage, or lead-throughs between individual industrial halls or commercial buildings.

FA 150 – the new and flexible sealing system with the front flange (VBF)

FA 150 VBF – the new component that can be flexibly combined with different inserts for conduit and cable sealings can be used for lots of application options: as a wall lead-through for dowel connections via core drill holes of up to 150 mm with a black or white trough.


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