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Electromobility - from wind turbines to electric cars

Combating climate change, new markets, less dependence on fossil fuels: mobility is being rethought. The development of electric mobility is a major forward-looking issue for the industry. FRÄNKISCHE is ready for the change and provides suitable solutions for all aspects of electromobility.


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FRÄNKISCHE provides suitable solutions for all aspects of electromobility

Power generation: Renewable energy is generated via solar and wind power plants. FRÄNKISCHE offers the appropriate electrical installation conduits as well as flexible and weather-resistant cable protection.


Energy storage: The energy generated by photovoltaic systems and wind turbines is stored in energy storage systems equipped with thermal management solutions from FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes.

Charging infrastructure: The most important aspect when it comes to e-mobility: charging. FRÄNKISCHE products meet all the requirements for setting up charging points according to the needs. Thermal management systems from FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes are also installed in EV charging stations.


Infrastructure protection: To protect the electrical infrastructure from pressure, friction, moisture and extreme temperatures, FRÄNKISCHE has developed Kabuflex conduits for underground cable protection.

Alternative drives: Especially for electric and hybrid vehicles, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes has developed thermal management systems that significantly extend the range and service life of batteries. Innovative cable protection solutions specifically for electric and hybrid cars/trucks are also part of the product range.