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What are the advantages of 48-volt on-board electrical systems?

An ever-increasing number of electronically controlled systems such as climate control units, safety assistants, or communication systems, coupled with the demand to reduce CO2 emissions, take 12-volt on-board electrical systems to their limits. A second voltage level can be of advantage, since it allows increasing the power volume by more than four times. However, increasing the on-board electrical system voltage to 48 volts may cause some new hazards such as the emergence of overvoltages and electric arcs.

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes has adapted its products to the new safety aspects of the 48-volt technology and had them tested by accredited testing bodies. Depending on the requirements, corrugated tubes, protective hoses, and mats made of a great variety of materials provide protection against abrasion, crash effects, high temperatures, or even electric influences.