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Integrated stormwater management by Fränkische Rohrwerke transports, treats and stores stormwater and returns it to the natural water cycle. The civil engineering experts from Königsberg in Germany are strong partners for stormwater management, their project-related and custom-made complete solutions meet every challenge. FRÄNKISCHE presents itself as a full service provider and emphasises its many years of experience as a technology and market leader through the use of the slogan "Stormwater is our competence! 4 challenges – 1 solution".


If natural landscapes have been built-up and water can no longer infiltrate into the soil, the natural water cycle is interrupted. That is where products and systems for integrated stormwater management by Fränkische Rohrwerke are needed. The drainage systems avoid peak loads in the sewer network and prevent stagnant water and flooding. Re-establishing the natural water cycle through infiltration is a technically and hydrologically, ecologically and economically very reasonable goal. The innovative components by FRÄNKISCHE meet highest standards of reliability, environmental protection and efficiency thanks to their efficient use of materials, maintenance-friendliness and strictly quality-controlled manufacturing.


EU objective: comprehensive water protection

The Water Framework Directive is a European Union directive that specifies the legal framework of surface drainage. It is the basis for comprehensive water protection all over Europe. The objective is to achieve a sound quality of surface water and groundwater by 2015. To achieve this goal, the German Federal Water Act (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz, WHG) was adapted in Germany in 2010. It requires the use of  best available technologies. Systems of sustainable stormwater management or powerful, modern stormwater treatment systems as developed by FRÄNKISCHE satisfy this technical requirement.


Perfectly matching components

The complete system made by the stormwater experts from Königsberg applies four steps to reliably drain all surfaces, regardless of whether in commercial or industrial areas, landscaping or roads and tracks. Transporting stormwater using the AquaPipe stormwater transport pipe, treating stormwater using the SediPipe sedimentation programme, storing stormwater using Rigofill inspect, discharging stormwater using the QuadroLimit throttle shaft: These four intergradient steps perfectly match. "We provide full service: If needed, we can provide all components including all steps before or after construction from one source", said Michael Schütz, Head of Product Management at FRÄNKISCHE.


Individual planning and economic realisation

FRÄNKISCHE's approache to solutions to finding suitable infiltration systems is as individual as onsite requirements. In addition to economic conditions and aspects of urban development the stormwater professionals also analyse the quality and pollutant potential of the stormwater before planning. Well-founded consulting of planning engineers, construction companies, authorities and investors plays a very important role. Experienced experts design overall systems, measure system components and develop optimised complete packages. "Our full service gives us the ability to achieve high efficiency in project-realisation. We can also guarantee high operation efficiency and protect our customers’ investment", explained Michael Fries, Director of Domestic Sales.


FRÄNKISCHE has worked in the fields of stormwater treatment and road drainage for more than 30 years. "We know that every challenge connected with stormwater requires systems-integrated thinking. This makes our solutions 100 percent reliable, durable and maintenance-friendly", said Michael Schütz.


Family-owned company with a long tradition: Fränkische Rohrwerke

Numerous innovations mark the development of the family-owned company Fränkische Rohrwerke that was established in 1906 in Königsberg, Germany. FRÄNKISCHE developed for instance the world's first production lines for continuously extruded corrugated electrical installation conduits made of plastic and the first continuously extruded drainage pipe. The renowned company, which is now run by third-generation owner Otto Kirchner, is today represented with production facilities and sales offices on four continents and 16 locations. FRÄNKISCHE provides solutions for stormwater treatment, agricultural drainage, road and track drainage, building drainage, cable protection, electrical installations as well as plumbing, heating and gas installations and for automotive and industrial applications. Among others, FRÄNKISCHE owes its leading role and long-term success in designing, manufacturing and marketing pipes, shafts and components made of plastic to its uncompromising, proactive customer orientation.

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