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Easy and precise shaping of pipes

Easy and precise shaping of pipes

Particularly user- and installation-friendly: With FRÄNKISCHE's new alpex pipe bender set 2xDo, the installers can bend the pipes for drinking water and heating installations to the desired angle in just a few simple steps. The manual bending devices for the pipe dimensions of 16 mm and 20 mm save on fittings, increase safety and reduce pressure losses.

A new set of tools is an addition to the alpex F50 PROFI range of products offered by the building technology specialist: FRÄNKISCHE bending tools allow the installers to precisely shape the pipes – they implement narrow bends with a bend radius of 2xDo at pre-defined or individually selected angles without kinking the pipe.  This facilitates installation, saves money and provides security: "With our new bending tools, the installers can change the direction of a pipe entirely without any fittings or shaped parts. Due to this, they can save on press connections, reduce material costs and lower pressure losses," says Markus Körber, Piping Systems Product Manager in FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division. The direction changes obtained by means of the pipe bender set ensure optimal flow conditions and mitigate the flow noise in the pipes.

The desired bend angle in just a few simple steps

The installers use the bending tools at different stages of pipe installation: They bend the pipes prior to installing these, or during installation activities as long as only one side of the pipe has been firmly fixed. Since the tools consist of two components – a bending segment and a counterpart with a bending shoe or bending roller – the specialists can use them at any point of the pipe. The first thing to do is to place the bending segment on the pipe. Then, the counterpart is hooked, and the pipe is moved over the curve of the bending segment to obtain the desired angle.

The direction changes with a bend radius of 2xDo achieved this way are particularly suited for narrows locations and exposed installations, for instance, for radiator connections in skirting boards: Depending on the requirement, the pipe can be variably bent up to an angle of 180°. The markings on the tools indicate the obtained angles of 30°, 45° or 90°. The manual bending tools are available for the dimensions of 16x2 mm and 20x2 mm, and are packed as a set in a box.



You can obtain this product from your local specialist wholesaler. For questions and further information, please contact them, your FRÄNKISCHE contact, or FRÄNKISCHE sales agency.