Pre-bent alpex bridge for pipe crossings

FRÄNKISCHE expands its alpex range of products with a new bridge in three dimensions. If pipe crossings need to be implemented, it convinces with its functional pre-bent shape. For the installers, it is therefore a good alternative to manual bending, and guarantees reliable installation.

When installing drinking water and heating systems, the fitters up to now had to use special tools to create a pipe crossing on one level. The new alpex bridge for the FRÄNKISCHE alpex F50 PROFI piping system does away with this work step thus saving time: No bending tools are required for installation. The pre-fabricated bridge is simply connected to the alpex system by means of suitable fittings.

The bridge is available in three nominal widths of 16, 20 and 26, and can be used in a great variety of installation situations. The installers can cut the FRÄNKISCHE fitting at a pre-marked point to achieve a 45° angle and to reduce the route distance. Even if the pipes below and the bridge itself are insulated, the latter can be reliably used thanks to its functional shape. The reusable hygiene sealing reliably protects the pipes from dirt and dust before and during installation.