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Appropriate adjustment of ventilation systems

Appropriate adjustment of ventilation systems

Adjustment of ventilation systems is a breeze with the new control elements profi-air COMPACT control and profi-air classic control by FRÄNKISCHE.


Heat recovery ventilation is one of the future-oriented issues in building technology. Ventilation systems are meanwhile a standard feature in lots of new construction objects and automatically taken into consideration by specialists during renovation. Before a HRV system can be properly operated, the installers ensure its professionally performed adjustment: With two new control elements, FRÄNKISCHE now offers a total of four options facilitating the adjustment in different situations.


profi-air COMPACT control

The new FRÄNKISCHE profi-air COMPACT control allows the desired air volume to be adjusted directly at one of the profi-air starline design grills from the COMPACT line: To do so, the installers simply insert the control into the mounting frame and determine the air volume by opening or closing the pre-punched foam plastic components. "The profi-air COMPACT mounting frame, into which the profi-air COMPACT control can be inserted, is compatible with both our tried-and-tested profi-air classic and classic plus air outlets, and also with commercially available DN125 plastic outlets of other manufacturers. Therefore, the specialists can also furnish systems of other manufacturers with FRÄNKISCHE design grills," says Jürgen Rudolf, product manager of heat recovery ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division.


profi-air classic control

The new FRÄNKISCHE profi-air classic control is situated directly in the classic manifold connection coupling. To adjust the required air volume flow rate, the installers manually increase or reduce the cross section surfaces of the classic control by turning.


Tunnel control element

The profi-air tunnel control element is inserted into the sealing and connecting element situated in the outlet cuff of the profi-air flat manifold. The installers increase the air volume throughput at the valve outlet thus adjusting the required air volume by breaking individual segments of the tunnel control element.


Constant volume flow regulator

The HRV range of FRÄNKISCHE also includes a constant volume flow regulator: The constant volume flow regulator actively reduces the volume flow in air pipes depending on the adjustment (setting range between 20 and 50 m3/h) in the required intensity. The regulator is situated in the manifold outlet and is compatible with the profi-air classic connection couplings in all three nominal diameters.


To ensure proper use of the ventilation system, it is essential to calculate suitable air volume and to adjust the device correspondingly. Thanks to the new profi-air COMPACT control and profi-air classic control, the installers now benefit from two additional options of uncomplicated and correct adjustment of the air volume flow rate in individual rooms.


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