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DATALIGHT discontinuation

DATALIGHT discontinuation

DATALIGHT discontinuation

The procurement market of electronic parts is currently in crisis, which leads to dramatic increase in price or even discontinuation of production – which is the case with two components that are essential for our products for data transmission at a gigabit speed via polymer optical fibres (POF).

Since there are no compatible parts available on the market as an alternative, all electronic products from the DATALIGHT portfolio can no longer be manufactures already now.

Against this backdrop, we have no choice but to discontinue the sale of our DATALIGHT products.

To be able to offer you a solution for your projects being implemented and for potential spare part requirements as long as possible, we have built up a safety stock for all products that are currently still available. These DATALIGHT products will therefore continue to be available for the time being while supplies last.

With DATALIGHT, we presented our range of products for easy and quick network installation for the first time at the Light and Building 2014 trade fair. Although it was immediately met with substantial and also persistent interest due to its innovative technology, we failed to achieve our aspiration to set a new standard for network installations in residential construction. Despite this, there has always been a stable base of enthusiastic installers both in Germany and abroad that have fitted thousands of home and office networks with our products in the past years. We wish we could continue offering and enhancing DATALIGHT both for these customers and also the new ones even after such blows as COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the circumstances have changed and do not allow us to keep to these plans, which we deeply regret.


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