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FRÄNKISCHE executives plant trees to fight climate change

Because the forest had suffered greatly from the hot summers, the executives of the Königsberg family enterprise took up the spades: After a short explanation by skilled forest worker Florian Schmidt, they planted 500 trees for a sustainable forest. Claus Bittenbrünn, Mayor of the city of Königsberg, pitched in as well: "FRÄNKISCHE's tree planting campaign is a precious component towards the reforestation of affected areas in our urban forest which has suffered greatly from bark beetles and the climate change."

Otto and Julius Kirchner, FRÄNKISCHE President and Executive Vice-President, were excited about the active participation: "We already utilise combined heat and power plants and photovoltaics, and purposefully use reclaim for some products to save resources. Now, we are taking the next step." Because the tree planting campaign also had another reason: FRÄNKISCHE has developed the first eco-balanced electrical conduit. Its manufacture consumes up to 60 percent fewer fossil resources and emits up to 47 percent less CO2. "Being the market leader for electrical conduits and one of the largest employers in the region, we feel responsible to not only keep pace with current developments but to gain a competitive edge," emphasises Marco Siller, Head of R&D/Product Management FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems. For the conduit to be considered CO2-neutral, FRÄNKISCHE planted 2,000 trees together with regional pupils at the end of last year.


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