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Best conditions for drinking water hygiene

Best conditions for drinking water hygiene

FRÄNKISCHE Rohrwerke has added a new flow distributor to its overall product range. Together with the tried-and-tested drinking water components from the alpex system and a new pipe plug, the distributor creates the best conditions for optimal drinking water hygiene in sanitary installations.


Compliance with the statutory required drinking water quality is a challenge planners, installers and operators are facing. Since it is forward-looking design and thorough installation of the pipe network that ensures long-term drinking water hygiene. This is where FRÄNKISCHE's flow distributor is of great benefit for specialists in the future: The new alpex component ensures permanent water exchange also at rarely used taps, e.g., in the garden or the basement. These tapping points with water often remaining there over longer periods of time are particularly prone to undesired bacteria growth.

Reliability for planners and operator

The best conditions for hygienically impeccable drinking water installations are ensured if the pipe network has been ideally dimensioned on the basis of DIN 1988-300 as early as during the planning stage, and if high-quality materials have been used. FRÄNKISCHE has provided support to its partners in the HVAC sector with its ever-growing alpex product line for many years now: The F-dual connection available in dimensions of 16x16 mm and 20x20 mm has been specifically developed for stagnation-free integration of concealed fittings. It has been available on the market since 2017, and replaces the tees previously used for installation. A loop-through option for serial and loop installation systems is achieved by means of flow-optimised alpex F50 PROFI and alpex-plus double wall mount elbows suitable for pressing and push-fit insertion. The components optimised to prevent pressure losses are available in 16 mm-1/2“FT, 20 mm-1/2“FT, 26 mm-1/2“FT, 20 mm-1/2“FT-16 mm and 26 mm-1/2“FT-20 mm variants. An optimised wall rail facilitates measuring and mounting of double wall mount elbows which can be attached also in a staggered manner or at different angles. "The tried-and tested alpex products complemented by this new flow distributor make for hygienically impeccable drinking water installations," summarises Willi Mattolat.

Cleanliness at the construction site

An important factor of drinking water hygiene in the entire pipe network is appropriate material handling at the construction site. To make sure that the alpex pipes do not get dirty already before installation or during putting the system into operation, which is sure to compromise the quality of drinking water later on, these shall remain sealed at all times until installation. The new, enhanced FRÄNKISCHE pipe plug is particularly user-friendly in this regard: All the specialists need to do is to insert the vibrant yellow end plugs, remove them via a lug, and re-use them for further installation segments.

FRÄNKISCHE keeps on expanding its overall product range for hygienically impeccable installation of drinking water systems: A new flow distributor and an enhanced plug for the alpex system expand the proven range of products around the F-dual connection and the double wall mount elbow as from 2018.