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Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future

Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future
Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future
Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future
Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future

Strong commitment to the broadband expansion of the future

FRÄNKISCHE and gabocom are joining forces to face the challenges of broadband expansion together in the future: with their electrical conduit and micro conduit systems at network levels 3 to 5, the two German manufacturers are laying the groundwork for highspeed internet in any building. While gabocom is an expert in micro conduits at network level 3 in streets, FRÄNKISCHE brings glass fibre right to your home. The new Fibre net micro conduit system and the tried-and-tested FFKu-Smart net electrical conduit are the solutions for network level 4 within the house. FFKu-Smart net additionally covers level 5.

Working from home, managing your household via smart home applications, and, in your time off, being flexible watching TV, talking on the phone, and surfing online: the internet is an inherent part of our lives, and powerful broadband connections are in more demand than ever. For the efficient glass fibre expansion, the DigiNetz Act stipulates a highspeed-ready, passive, physical infrastructure. In order to accelerate the expansion of highspeed glass fibre networks throughout Germany, the German Federal Ministry of Transport has published a handout regarding the DigiNetz Act. This handout includes technical recommendations for the future-proof, broadband-compatible equipment of buildings, for instance, for the implementation of the physical, passive network infrastructure. Together, FRÄNKISCHE and gabocom are realising broadband connections at network levels 3 to 5:

gabocom: micro conduit systems for network level 3

With its integrated micro conduit systems for telecommunication, the system supplier gabocom implements infrastructures at network level 3 up to the building. The Lower Bavaria company prides itself on over 40 years of experience in telecommunications and has been a major player in broadband expansion since 2002.

Strong at the network levels in the house: FRÄNKISCHE

Within the building, FRÄNKISCHE provides the physical, passive network infrastructure for highspeed connections: the systems by the Franconian family enterprise, e.g., the FFKu-Smart net electrical conduit, cover network levels 4 and 5. "Against the backdrop of the DigiNetz Act, we emphasise a holistic view of

broadband expansion, this is why we will cooperate closely with gabocom in this context. While we excel at the network levels inside the house, our partner boasts many years of experience in installations up to the building and micro conduit expertise – a perfect match," says Matthias Jahn, Head of Product Management and Product Development Electrical Systems at FRÄNKISCHE. Another advantage: both manufacturers develop and produce in Germany, thus guaranteeing reliable deliveries also in challenging times.

New FFKu-Fibre net micro conduit

The new system for all things micro conduit for glass fibre applications expands the range of products available from stock for network level 4 by FRÄNKISCHE, i.e., for the physical, passive network infrastructure from the house interconnection point right to the apartment: FFKu-Fibre net is durable, meets all requirements in terms of fire protection, is halogen-free, and can be blown in ideally. Matching accessories – bends, couplings, and plugs – complement the complete system.

The micro conduit can be installed comfortably and quickly: "FFKu-Fibre net is particularly easy to handle so that it can be installed by any electrician. It does not require any professed network specialist," explains Matthias Jahn. FRÄNKISCHE offers the new micro conduit in a 250-metre coil especially for small- and medium-sized projects. It is supplied in a handy, resealable box and can be handled easily also by single installers. The Fibre net range of products will be sold via electrical wholesalers from April 2021.

For network level 4 and 5: FFKu-Smart net

The new micro conduit is the right solution for fibre optic cables installed from the building lead-through to the apartment interconnection points. For copper conduits or as universal preparation for the glass fibre structure, FRÄNKISCHE offers the tried-and-tested FFKu-Smart net corrugated plastic conduit. When it is about retrofitting micro conduits reliably and quickly, FFKu-Fibre net can be inserted into FFKu-Smart net type 25.

FFKu-Smart net is also recommended for the distribution in network level 5 from the router to the individual living quarters. The special structure of the seamless electrical conduit prevents narrow bend radii and improves insertion properties.


Stronger together for future-proof networks: with their systems, FRÄNKISCHE and gabocom contribute to the design of the glass fibre expansion at network levels 3, 4, and 5.