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Burst of freshness for heat recovery ventilation

Burst of freshness for heat recovery ventilation

Being an expert in the field of ventilation technology, FRÄNKISCHE has launched a new version of its air outlet in the market: The new profi-air classic air outlet plus is available in nominal diameters of 75 and 90 and convinces through its stability and quick and easy installation. The new profi-air classic concrete cladding cover plus makes it also possible for the installers to secure the air outlet easily, firmly and well visibly in the in-situ concrete cladding coverings.

FRÄNKISCHE supplements its heat recovery ventilation range with the profi-air classic plus air outlet. "FRÄNKISCHE always offers its customers suitable solutions, meaning that its product line is constantly expanding. The new profi-air classic plus air outlet makes the installation and handling far easier," says Jürgen Rudolf, product manager of heat recovery ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division. The air outlet is available in nominal diameters of 75 and 90 with a short or a long design. The short version is well suited for the installation in both wall and in-situ concrete cladding coverings. The concrete cladding cover specifically developed for this purpose ensures a tightly sealed connection with the classic plus air outlet, and secures it firmly. Installers choose the long design mainly for ceiling installations. Both types boast large contact surfaces on the sides providing the air outlet with stability and tight fit. Two progressively adjustable metal angles fix them accurately on the building structure.

Maximum pipe hygiene

Sophisticated sealing solutions constitute a major enhancement to the FRÄNKISCHE air outlets. The plug in nominal diameters of 75 and 90, so far provided in this form by FRÄNKISCHE only, is flow-optimised and creates a level sealing making dirt accumulation as well as air vortexes inside of the system virtually impossible. If the plug is positioned properly, it snaps in audibly. The yellow plug DN125 stabilises the DN125 air outlet cuff and protects it from dirt: If cutting to length is done directly upstream of the plug, it retains the chips thus keeping the inside of the air outlet clean. The scope of delivery in hygienic individual packing includes each one pre-assembled plug in the DN125 outlet, as well as one outlet in diameters 75 or 90.

profi-air classic plus concrete cladding cover

To install the profi-air classic plus air outlet on in-situ concrete cladding coverings, the installers will henceforth make use of the new profi-air classic plus concrete cladding cover. The specialists at first attach the cover at the desired position with two nails included in the delivery, snap in the air outlet and fix the pipes. After the concrete has been poured and the cladding has been removed, the installer effortlessly opens the yellow, well visible concrete cladding cover with a hammer and simply installs the desired valve or design grill before it.

Easier application due to colour adjustment of products

With design orientation in mind, FRÄNKISCHE adjusts product colours: Optimised specifically for the profi-air starline design grills, FRÄNKISCHE now supplies its air outlet in diameters of 75, 90 and additionally 63, as well as tunnel outlets in black to keep them discreetly hidden behind the design grill.


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