First eco-balanced electrical conduits

Being the first provider of eco-balanced electrical conduits, FRÄNKISCHE pledges itself to ecological sustainability in construction. Institut Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (IBU) provided the company with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its FBY-EL-F co2ntrol and FFKuS-EM-F-105 co2ntrol corrugated plastic conduits. This EPD lists all ecologically relevant details of the conduits' life cycle. It additionally attests the co2ntrol designs the reduction of fossil resources by up to 60 percent and CO2 savings of up to 47 percent. At the same time, FRÄNKISCHE plants trees in its home region that bind and continuously store the remaining CO2 of the product group.

The topic of "sustainability" is gaining more and more importance as a mission statement – also in construction. The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) form an important basis for the life cycle assessment of buildings. They are assessed and issued by the Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e. V. (IBU), an initiative of building product manufacturers, according to DIN EN ISO 14025 and DIN EN 15804. The objective is to reduce environmental effects due to emissions and the consumption of finite resources to a minimum. FRÄNKISCHE is the first manufacturer to be awarded the life cycle assessment for electrical conduits by the IBU: The FBY-EL-F light-duty corrugated plastic conduit and the FFKuS-EM-F-105 medium-duty corrugated plastic conduit are now also available in eco-balanced co2ntrol designs.

Analysis of the environmental impact for the entire product life cycle

The standardised IBU eco-labels document all environmentally relevant features of construction products. The data are collected in a scientifically substantiated manner, and then verified by an independent, accredited body such as TÜV Rheinland. In doing so, the life cycle assessment is prepared for the entire lifespan of a product according to DIN EN ISO 14025 and EN 15804 – from production through transportation and installation to disposal. "The EPD provides transparent and complete information regarding the contents and different environmental effects of our co2ntrol conduits throughout their entire product life. FRÄNKISCHE made huge efforts to analyse every component and processing step – formulation, energy consumption during manufacturing, packaging of the supplied materials and even the consumption of compressed air and cooling water," explains Marco Siller, Head of Development and Product Management FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems.

Technology leader with in-house regenerate facilities

60 years ago, FRÄNKISCHE developed the world's first flexible electrical conduit made of plastic. The specialist is now proving its over 100 years of technical expertise with the life cycle assessment of the co2ntrol conduits: The electrical systems expert uses regenerates for the manufacture of its corrugated plastic conduits. Due to this, they consume around 60 percent fewer fossil resources such as mineral oil. The co2ntrol designs additionally save carbon dioxide – up to 47 percent per running metre as compared to conventional electrical conduits.

It took FRÄNKISCHE about two years to refine the ideal formulation for the ecological corrugated conduits. The technology leader manufactures the regenerates for its electrical conduits in-house. Their extensive plastics technology experience and expertise allowed FRÄNKISCHE to perfect the manufacture of the regenerates in such a way that they meet at least the same quality requirements as products made of fossil resources.


Planting trees for active environmental protection

FRÄNKISCHE goes the extra mile and renders its co2ntrol products CO2-neutral: In order to compensate for its carbon dioxide emissions, the family enterprise plants 2,000 trees in its home region of Königsberg in Bavaria, Germany, as a first step. This binds the CO2 emitted during the product life cycle. The tree species used were selected based on them being ideally suited for the local conditions. This way, FRÄNKISCHE makes a great contribution to environmental protection while reforesting the regional forest, which has suffered greatly from drought and bark beetles in the past years. “Being the market leader, we are aware of our responsibility towards both our planet and future generations. With our eco-balanced electrical conduits, we want to set an example and foster environmental awareness in construction," explains Marco Siller. "The certified co2ntrol products can now be included in the database of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB). This allows us to support responsible building concepts in the future."

Their long durability clearly separates the high-quality plastic conduits from single-use products: The durable producer goods are used in the central aspects of our society and weave through our infrastructure – for instance, in the fields of power, energy and data transport. And the demand will only grow in the upcoming years. With the IBU certification of its FBY-EL-F co2ntrol and FFKuS-EM-F-105 co2ntrol plastic conduits, FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems expands the range of eco-balanced building products. The conduits of the co2ntrol product family save up to 47 percent CO2 and approx. 60 percent fossil resources. At the same time, FRÄNKISCHE actively campaigns for environmental protection by reforesting the regional forest.


First eco-balanced electrical conduits co2ntrol