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Complete fresh air system

Complete fresh air system

profi-air is the state-of-the art ventilation system for controlled home ventilation. The air distribution system by FRÄNKISCHE is now complemented by a matching ventilation unit. Additional new and practice-oriented components round off the refreshing profi-air ventilation system.

The newly developed profi-air 250 touch and profi-air 400 touch ventilation units have been optimised for controlled home ventilation in detached and semi-detached houses. "Thanks to high-grade components, energy-efficient and whisper-quiet fans combined with innovative control and regulation technology, our ventilation units are the most sophisticated and advanced in the European market", explains Tobias Fraas, Controlled Home Ventilation Product Manager of FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology division. Certification of profi-air touch is guaranteed: In Germany, it has been tested and approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), the German centre of competence in civil engineering, but also satisfies the major test standards in the rest of Europe already at its market launch.

Touch to the goal

The new ventilation units are convenient to control. With just a touch, users have the control at their fingertips: The ventilation system can be controlled and regulated directly using a functional touch screen with a clearly laid out menu navigation. If the device is connected to a domestic WLAN router via LAN cable, it can be operated from any smartphone, laptop or PC within the home network.

Powerful and energy-efficient

Low noise development, high performance and energy efficiency are the characteristics of the two cutting-edge EC-RadiCal fans that operate in the core of the ventilation device with an optimised flow design. F5 supply air filters and G4 extraction filters are factory standard. Allergy sufferers can optionally install a F7 supply air filter which provides even more reliable protection against pollen and other environmental impacts. The periodical filter replacement is indicated on the profi-air touch display in scheduled mode.

Equipped for all temperatures

The integrated cross-flow heat exchanger features a high heat recovery efficiency of max. 91 % for profi-air 250 touch and max. 90 % for profi-air 400 touch. The supply air nearly reaches room temperature even at very low outdoor temperatures and prevents draft phenomena. The new ventilation units are equipped for all temperatures: A thermostatic antifreeze protection reliably protects against frost damages in winter. But the system is well-prepared for hot days as well. Cool supply air is passed by the heat exchanger by the automatic summer bypass feature. The filtered outside air does not heat up and the fresh air thus cools the heated up rooms during summer.

Ventilation with the freedom to choose

profi-air is a complete system with in-house produced air distribution system, ventilation unit and comprehensive accessories that still gives HVAC technicians the freedom to choose, because profi-air can be connected to all standard ventilation devices, giving house builders and companies performing the work the freedom to choose their preferred device types. Freedom of choice also exists at the other end of air distribution: profi-air is not limited to one specific valve shape; the air outlets can be combined with all commercially available 125 mm valve attachments.

Ventilation experts are also free to decide on the type of pipe they want to use. Depending on the situation at the construction site, they will opt for the profi-air classic round pipe, the flat version of profi-air tunnel or even combine both pipe types without any major effort.

Flat and flexible: profi-air tunnel
Installation is flexible thanks to the low installation height of only 52 mm: Whether on unfinished floors, in walls or on ceilings - the tunnel pipe inconspicuously blends in with its surroundings. Mounting clamps with inspection holes additionally support the pipes and ensure the correct assembly. Special sealing and connecting elements join the fittings and pipes easily and reliably without intermediate pipe sections. Moreover, fitters no longer have to measure the insertion depth, which greatly facilitates design and installation. Its flat shape makes profi-air tunnel extremely hard-wearing and resistant.

The simple connection concept of the classic version in the dimensions 75 mm and 90 mm is ideally suited for installation into unfinished concrete. The corrugated pipe is flexible enough to realise very tight bending radii without requiring any additional fittings.

High volume flow rates
The smooth inner pipe surface of the classic version allows volume flow rates of up to 45 m³/h (NW 90) or 30 m³/h (NW 75). The smooth inner surface and the edgeless fittings of profi-air tunnel easily enable volume flow rates of up to 45 m³/h. The shape of the two pipes ensures an optimised flow behaviour and guarantees low pressure loss and thus low energy consumption. No additional cross talk attenuation is required due to the sound insulation in the manifold boxes and the star-shaped installation of the pipes. The high-quality HRV pipes from FRÄNKISCHE are hygienically safe: They contain antistatic and antibacterial additives and can be cleaned easily from the manifold. The pipes are packed individually by the factory to protect them against external impact.

Select and install

An optional constant airflow regulator saves the plumber/installer time and money when tuning the separate air ducts. The regulator is selected according to the required air volume, and once it is installed in the manifold outlet, it generates constant volume flow rates in the air distribution ducts. This prevents fixed settings to be changed mistakenly, e.g. when cleaning the system. Here, too, the choice is up to the HVAC technician: As an alternative, manual adjustment of the poppet valves at the air outlets is still possible.

The profi-air air distribution system excels with flexible usage, easy connection concept and optimised flow behaviour. The new profi-air 250 touch and profi-air 400 touch ventilation units are powerful, energy-efficient and easy to operate. The FRÄNKISCHE ventilation concept offers all components from one source while giving fitters the freedom to choose: They are free to select the pipe type and the ventilation unit, the valve outlets and the adjustment method.


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