FRÄNKISCHE: “Generations of Genius“

Quality leader accompanies and shapes the development of electrical installation.

The history of modern electrical installation is closely linked to the history of FRÄNKISCHE: Development, production, and sales of conduits and accessories for the electrical industry run like a golden thread through the history of the family enterprise founded back in 1906. With its motto “Generations of Genius“, the quality leader takes up this connection at the Light + Building 2020 trade fair.

FRÄNKISCHE is a pioneer of electrical installation: Since its foundation, the family enterprise has been following the development of this industry and also making technological history time and again. “Whenever technical advancement brought about inventions, be it in the network installation or multi-media segment, we adapted ourselves to new technologies and did our bit in this process with our products,“ says Thomas Hofmann, Head of FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems. As the first flat screens hit the market, FRÄNKISCHE designed the flat, practical multi-media conduit to conceal connection lines behind the wall.

FRÄNKISCHE – systems for megatrends

Further innovations from the recent history of FRÄNKISCHE – products that now became a classic – are underground Kabuflex cable conduits and the resealable Co-flex corrugated conduit. In the past decades, the family enterprise set further trends in electrical installation with halogen-free and UV-stabilised conduits as well as highspeed conduits.

FRÄNKISCHE is ready to face the challenges of the future: Networks via optical fibre technology, artificial intelligence, sustainability and data transport – the family enterprise adjusts its systems to the megatrends of our age.

Into the future with plastics: eco-balanced installation conduits

When it comes to the environment, FRÄNKISCHE is steering a clear course, too. Plastic conduits of superb quality, produced for an extended service life are of sustainable value, which becomes obvious thanks to the latest development from Königsberg: The eco-balanced co2ntrol electrical conduits support the trend towards environmentally conscious construction. These plastic conduits are made of in-house manufactured regenerates and consume 60 percent less fossil material. In addition to this, they help save up to 47 percent of carbon dioxide per running metre as compared to conventional installation conduits.

FRÄNKISCHE: the inventor of the first flexible corrugated conduits

Today’s specialist knowledge in plastic and metal processing is based on over a century of experience. Metal insulation conduits for electrical installations coupled with the required accessories have been a core competence of FRÄNKISCHE from the very beginning. After World War II, a technician compressed the pipes that used to be made of paper back then until corrugations appeared – the pliable corrugated conduit in coils was born. In 1951, FRÄNKISCHE introduced the first-ever flexible corrugated metal conduits for electrical installations onto the market: the FF pipes whose name stands for “FRÄNKISCHE“ and “flexible“.

The early decision to opt for plastic paved the way for the successful future of the company from Königsberg. In 1957, the FFSK corrugated metal conduits were provided with a plastic sleeve. Two years later, FRÄNKISCHE produced FFKu – the first-ever continuously extruded corrugated plastic conduit. Thanks to the protection, it became FFKuS and thus suitable for concrete installations, and in 1961, the first 3-metre straight length plastic conduit FPKu plus accessories were manufactured.

Systems for the future of electrical installation

Yesterday, today, tomorrow: FRÄNKISCHE has been making the history of electrical installation for generations, and is optimistic about the future. “We will keep on offering high-quality solutions also in the future. No matter what developments of electrical installation lie in store for us – we will be here with our products and systems,“ explains Thomas Hofmann.

In this context, the company attaches great importance to sustainable and durable materials, as well as reliability and flexibility: The expert in electrical systems offers a wide range of products for future-proof installations under all conditions – for underground cable protection as well as for complex home networks. Intelligent systems allow easy and standard-compliant installation, always bearing in mind the approaching megatrends. FRÄNKISCHE is a pioneer, a trendsetter and a quality leader – “Generations of Genius“.