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High-performance ventilation with profi-air 360 flex

High-performance ventilation with profi-air 360 flex

Versatile, compact, digital: new FRÄNKISCHE ventilation unit

FRÄNKISCHE includes a new ventilation unit in its flex product line for heat recovery ventilation (HRV): The compact profi-air 360 flex for single- and two-family homes is flexible in terms of installation and air connection. The high-performance product innovation completes the ventilation specialist’s range of devices.

The profi-air complete system contains all components required for a sound and energy-efficient HRV installation – several advanced pipe systems, well though-out accessories and ventilation units for any requirement. The latest addition to the product range is profi-air 360 flex with air volumes of up to 360 m3/h that has been specifically developed for larger single- and two-family homes. “Our new profi-air 360 flex ventilation unit boast exceptional performance and is flexible in terms of installation and use, and it can be easily operated by digital means. This is why it perfectly complements our range of products,” says Tobias Fraas, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation in FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division.

Switchable air connections for profi-air 360 flex

The easySWITCH function is a standard feature: The air connections are changeable; due to this, the ventilation unit can be easily set to right or left operation directly on site. The installers can thus remain flexible – they can use the same unit in any installation situation and quickly react to the respective circumstances. This is of advantage for the builders as well because they can decide on the final location of their ventilation units directly before the actual installation. profi-air 360 flex can either be attached to the wall or installed on the floor. There is an optional supply air connection at the bottom of the device.

Individual configuration of profi-air 360 flex

Thanks to the comprehensive selection of accessories, each user can configure their customised profi-air 360 flex ventilation unit. A defroster heater integrated directly in the unit ensures reliable operation even at very low outdoor temperatures. Along with heat, the optionally available enthalpy heat exchanger also recovers humidity. This prevents the rooms from drying out even in winter, which increases the comfort of living. The sensors for humidity and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are also optionally available. The VOC sensor measures the air quality, and automatically adjusts the air volumes. Room humidistats are also optionally available.

profi-air 360 flex is equipped with the ISO Coarse filter class. It can be optionally replaced with the ePM1 filter class for fresh air. The base of the unit is under 0.3 m2 and thus particularly small, so it requires virtually no space in the technician room. The device, for which the Passive house certificate is currently pending, fits into standard cabinets with the dimensions of 60 x 60 cm and thus blends discreetly with any surroundings.

Easy app control for profi-air 360 flex

It is particularly easy to control profi-air 360 flex by means of the profi-air cockpit app: The end customers can manually adjust the air volume, change the weekly programme or enable the automatic mode. They can keep in mind the interval of filter replacement, as well as switch on night setback or holiday mode if required. The ventilation unit can be alternatively controlled via an integrated control unit or a wireless remote control.

In the demo mode, the installers explain the app functions to their customers regardless of the location and the connection to the ventilation unit. If the application is open, the users can select the “DEMO” field that simulates active operation. To make using the app even easier for end customers, all non-selectable fields are greyed out. The profi-air cockpit app is available for free download for iOS and Android gadgets in the respective stores.

Commissioning made easy with the software for specialists

The profi-air cockpit pro software offers the installers practical support during commissioning of profi-air 360 flex. The computer program provides the HVAC specialists with step-by-step guidance through the adjustment process. They can, for instance, enable the defroster heater and create a weekly programme. profi-air cockpit pro has been designed for computers featuring Windows operating systems and is available for free download at


With profi-air 360 flex, FRÄNKISCHE complements its range of ventilation units that also includes the slim profi-air 180 flat designed specifically for apartments, as well as profi-air 250 flex for flats and single-family homes: All three units can be easily put into operation and conveniently controlled via the app. The easySWITCH function with changeable air connections is particularly flexible.