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Hygienically safe sealing of piping systems

Hygienically safe sealing of piping systems

FRÄNKISCHE Rohrwerke is expanding its range of accessories for drinking water installations. A new plug provides hygienically safe sealing of all pipes from the alpex family, and is reusable and particularly easy to handle.

FRÄNKISCHE stands for building technology from the expert – with easy installation, well thought-out functional reliability and the highest quality of products. The expert in the field of installation technology is now optimising the tried-and-tested sealing system for its alpex pipes: A new enhanced transport plug reliably seals the pipes prior to and during installation thus protecting them, for instance, from dirt and dust. "With the new plug, we set even greater store by functionality and provide the specialists with a particularly user-friendly component," says Markus Körber, Piping Systems Product Manager in FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division.

Easy to install and reusable

The sealing can be easily inserted using a practical handle and then pulled out with one single move: simply pull the lug and the plug will be detached – the pipe is directly ready for use. To achieve maximum hygiene of drinking water, the construction segments not yet completed shall be consistently covered with hygiene sealing to prevent dirt from entering the system. Since the plug does not get damaged during removal, the installers can use it several times.

The new pipe plug in bright yellow is easy to handle and ensures reliable and hygienically safe sealing of the pipes. With this plug, FRÄNKISCHE proves its system competence, since it is available for the entire product range of the alpex family.