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Julius Kirchner is now Executive Vice-President of the FRÄNKISCHE Group

Julius Kirchner is now Executive Vice-President of the FRÄNKISCHE Group

At the turn of the fiscal year on 1 May, Julius Kirchner has joined FRÄNKISCHE’s Management Board as Executive Vice-President. In the next few years, he will run the family business together with his father, Otto Kirchner.

Otto Konrad Kirchner and Dr. Auguste Kirchner, Fritz Kirchner, Otto Kirchner and now also Julius Kirchner – FRÄNKISCHE has been owner- and family-run for over 100 years. With Otto Kirchner's son joining the Management Board, the group of companies headquartered in Königsberg in Germany will remain a family enterprise also in the future. “We are an internationally active company that bears responsibility for many families and their relatives”, says Otto Kirchner, President. “Now, we are taking an important step towards the transition to the fourth generation.

This is a particularly great concern to me since this ensures that the sustainable business policy and the philosophy of the Kirchner family will live on.” Until Otto Kirchner retires, father and son will run the company together over the next couple of years. “For me, joining the company means, above all, a great responsibility”, says Julius Kirchner. “I am looking forward to being able to give new impetuses and working together with so many motivated and dedicated employees – both in Königsberg and at our locations around the world.”