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FRÄNKISCHE expands Kabu-IN family

FRÄNKISCHE expands Kabu-IN family

Internal sealing with four and six feed-throughs and new nominal width of 63

Even more diversity for the Kabu-IN range: FRÄNKISCHE offers new Kabu-IN variants to securely seal four or six cables and thus expands the field of application of its cable feed-throughs. Additionally, the internal sealing for the Kabuflex cable conduit will also be available with a nominal width of 63.

Kabu-IN is used to seal power and communication cables in FRÄNKISCHE cable conduits. Up to now, Kabu-IN has been available with feed-throughs for one, two or three cables. FRÄNKISCHE will now expand its range of products: As of now, also four or six cables can be sealed and safely routed into the building with Kabu-IN. "Thanks to the new Kabu-IN variants, qualified electricians can choose from an even wider range of products for sealing and feed-through of cables. This makes planning and installation even more flexible," explained Sascha Buld, Product Manager FRÄNKISCHE Electrical Systems.

Internal sealing with a layered mechanism

In addition to the nominal widths of 75, 110 and 160, the internal sealing will now be available with a size of 63. The soft PUR outer material makes Kabu-IN flexible so that it clings perfectly to the conduit and thus seals it securely. Thanks to the internal segment rings, the sealing can also be adjusted to the individual diameter of the cable: For the required size, the technician simply removes as many layers of rings as necessary, and then inserts the cable. The cable feed-throughs are temperature-resistant between -40 °C and 100 °C and guarantee gas-tight and water pressure-tight installation up to 0.5 bar.

The single-width sealing components are perfectly suited for power connections of annexes and garages as well as for landscaping. But the Kabu-IN elements can also be used for connections between individual industrial halls or commercial buildings to securely seal the required number of cables.

Pressure-tight building lead-through: Kabu-IN DD

When a sealing must meet very high requirements on compressive strength, Kabu-IN DD is the perfect solution: Thanks to its double sealing width of 60 mm, it can be used in combination with the Kabuflex conduit and the wall collar set to provide a water pressure-tight and standard-compliant building lead-through satisfying the high standards of energy suppliers. Kabu-IN DD, available in nominal widths of 75 and 110, is used to securely lead power, TV, data or telecommunication cables into the building.

The components used for secure lead-through for buildings without a basement are consolidated in the FRÄNKISCHE Kabu-FESH Set Elektro B range. Besides Kabu-IN DD, it also includes the Kabuflex R plus type 750 cable conduit, the Kabuflex wall collar set for lead-through at the side of the building though the foundation slab, and two Kabuflex SD end caps for sand-tight conduit sealing.

With the new Kabu-IN variants, FRÄNKISCHE enables qualified electricians to be even more flexible when it comes to installation. The Kabu-IN family with nominal widths of 63, 75, 110 and 160 now seals one, two, three, four or six cables with varying diameters.