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Lifelines of a connected society: Plastic conduit systems

Lifelines of a connected society: Plastic conduit systems

Plastic conduits are extremely durable and high-quality industrial goods, not short-living consumer or disposable products made of cheap plastic. Plastic conduit systems stand for sustainability and can be used up to 100 years and then reused. Therefore, they are not disposable products, but a fundamental part of modern infrastructure. Plastic is one of the most important materials of the modern society, and our life cannot be imagined without it in its various manifestations.

Plastic conduit systems are durable, long-term applications for every area of our infrastructure. Everything that must be transported safely from A to B runs through FRÄNKISCHE conduit systems. There is hardly any field left where our products are not being used. Solution competence, diversity and innovative energy – this is what our three construction-related divisions Drainage Systems, Electrical Systems and Building Technology stand for.