New profi-air bend for pipes and fittings

Two applications in one product: The specialists can now connect both pipes and fittings to the new FRÄNKISCHE profi-air classic 90° bend plus. In addition to the nominal widths of 75 and 90, it is also available in the nominal width of 63. The new component for the profi-air ventilation system is flow-optimised and particularly easy to clean.

The new profi-air classic 90° bend plus connects individual elements of the profi-air classic pipe system with each other, and redirects airflows horizontally or vertically. The fitting is available as an FF (female/female) or FM (female/male) design and makes the work of installers much easier: They can connect it to two pipes or to a pipe and a fitting.

If a fitting needs to be inserted, the specialists simply cut the cuff off the bend. The fitting is subsequently inserted directly into another bend or a connection coupling; there is no need to place a piece of pipe in-between. "We keep on expanding and improving our range of products with the profi-air classic 90° bend plus. What is also new is that - following numerous requests - we now produce it in the nominal width of 63", says Tobias Fraas, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division.

Flow-optimised and low-noise

The profi-air classic 90° bend plus is flow-optimised: Its smooth inside has no edges or steps, and the section does not become smaller even after installation. This results in a lower noise level and less pressure loss. Moreover, less energy is required, and cleaning is very simple. The profi-air classic 90° bend plus is available from March 2019 in nominal widths of 63, 75 and 90.


You can obtain this product from your local specialist wholesaler. For questions and further information, please contact them, your FRÄNKISCHE contact, or FRÄNKISCHE sales agency.