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NEW - Rigofill ST

NEW - Rigofill ST

The formerly valid principle of discharging stormwater as quickly as possible is being increasingly challenged for hydrological and ecological reasons. The consequences were and are disruptions of the hydrologic cycle. We need new concepts: The objective is not to discharge stormwater to the sewer system anymore, but to infiltrate it centrally or decentrally. Rigofill ST is a storage/infiltration unit for stormwater infiltration, retention and harvesting. Compact, lightweight, economical and for numerous applications! The block with crossshaped inspection tunnel provides access to the storage/infiltration unit via the QuadroControl ST inspection shaft and thus enables inspection and flushing of the entire system.
Rigofill ST replaces gravel swales! This reduces construction costs and saves space.  Installation is foolproof and extremely easy – can be connected in all directions and combined to form even large systems. Requires little space for storage and is extremely stable thus allowing installation under trafficked areas.