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New threaded connectors for all IP classes

New threaded connectors for all IP classes

With FIPLOCK®ONE, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes has developed a pre-assembled threaded connector fitting any application and complying with the requirements of IP protection classes 66 to 69. Two new product groups the AZPA strain relief threaded connector and the AFPA female thread threaded connector will complement the connection range from the FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection program within the course of 2019.

The straight FIPLOCK®ONE AFPA female thread threaded connector is made of specially modified polyamide (PA) 6 and covers the temperature range from -50 to +120 °C. Depending on the design, the fittings are available in black and gray and in the nominal diameters 7 to 48. The compact AFPA is available with numerous connection threads, e.g., with metric female thread, PG metal female thread made of nickel-plated brass or UNEF/UNS/UN female thread, matching many standard circular connectors. “The direct connection of the corrugated conduit to the circular connector protects cables and wires already starting from the connector“, explains René Hofmann, Industrial Applications Product Manager with FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes. All versions of the space-saving threaded connector comply with the requirements of IP protection classes IP66 to IP69.

For strain relief: FIPLOCK®ONE AZPA

The FIPLOCK®ONE AZPA product family provides additional strain relief of cables and wires thanks to its integrated SKINTOP® cable gland. Since the tensile forces are not transferred, cables and wires are protected tear-resistantly inside the threaded connector. “Our new AZPA components increase application safety by ensuring absolutely tight cable routing. This is a great advantage especially in mechanical engineering and in outdoor applications in railway engineering“, explains René Hofmann.

The pre-installed threaded cable glands are made of specifically modified PA 6 or nickel-plated brass. AZPA fittings are available with different connection threads, e.g., PG and NPT threads and metric metal short and long threads. Depending on the type, they are available in nominal diameters 10 to 48 and in black and gray.

Like all FIPLOCK®ONE products, also the AZPA family complies with all IP protection classes up to IP69 and can withstand highest pull-out forces in connection with corrugated conduits. The threaded connectors are weather-resistant, designed for temperatures from -50 to +120 °C and impact-resistant. They can also withstand high dynamic loads and comply with highest fire protection standards.

AZPA-C: Click connection for front installations

Thanks to the click connection, the threaded connector in the AZPA-C design is also suited for metric sheet via holes. Users benefit from the exclusive front installation especially in hard-to-reach places where no locknut can be used on the rear. You just insert the cable gland on the front, lock it in place with a click and then screw it tight.

Easy cable protection with FIPSYSTEMS®

The FIPSYSTEMS® protection products by FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes facilitate cable protection in applications such as industry, railway engineering, shipbuilding, robotics, chemistry and renewable energies. Within the cable protection range, the pre-assembled FIPLOCK®ONE threaded connectors reliably connect FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits in fine and coarse profile in the nominal diameters 7 to 48 with each other. The pre-installed seal in the connector body ensures a reliable connection – one threaded connector for all applications in the IP protection classes from 66 to 69.

Using the non-metallic FIP cable protection system leads to reduced costs in the long run: “One fits all – needing just one threaded connector for any application facilitates product selection and reduces storage costs for users. Our pre-assembled and ready-to-install products also facilitate handling and on-site installation”, summarizes the Product Manager.

Highest IP protection with FIPLOCK®ONE

In addition to the two novelties AFPA and AZPA, the FIPLOCK®ONE product range comprises a comprehensive range of straight threaded connectors, threaded connectors at an angle of 45° and threaded connectors at an angle of the arc of 90° as well as other connectors. All thread designs are available in plastic and metal and with different connections.

The ATPA T-distributor and the AYPA Y-distributor for cable outlets are completely dustproof and waterproof thanks to their 360° locking system and the inside pipe seals. They are the first distributor products to meet the highest protection class IP69 in connection with the FIPLOCK® corrugated conduits.

The ATPA-CA T adapter, also featuring the 360° locking mechanism, is delivered pre-assembled. The robust adapter can be mounted individually and in series right away and combined with other FIPLOCK®ONE fittings. The ARPA conduit reducer allows transitions to smaller corrugated conduit nominal diameters, the AIPA conduit connector connects smooth metric or armored conduits with flexible corrugated conduits.

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