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New ventilation units for residential construction

New ventilation units for residential construction

Three new ventilation units complement FRÄNKISCHE's range of profi-air products for heat recovery ventilation in 2016: The ventilation specialist launches the convenient profi-air 180 and 300 sensor and the particularly flat profi-air 180 flat units especially for small housing units and residential construction.

The three new ventilation units open up another segment in the heat recovery ventilation (HRV) market for FRÄNKISCHE: The compact units have been designed specifically for small housing units. For many years, FRÄNKISCHE has offered the powerful profi-air 250 touch and profi-air 400 touch units for single- and two-family homes. Here the user controls and regulates the ventilation unit using a functional touch screen with a clearly laid-out menu navigation.

Save time during installation: profi-air 180 and 300 sensor

Convenient, compact and easy to handle: The profi-air 180 sensor and profi-air 300 sensor units are equipped with a humidity extract sensor as a standard feature centrally controlling air exchange: If the air in the rooms becomes too dry, for instance during the winter, the profi-air sensor units automatically down regulate the air volume flow rate, if the air becomes too humid, it up regulates it again. "Since profi-air can be controlled as required using the integrated humidi-ty sensor, it increases the climate of well-being and energy-efficiency", says Tobias Fraas, product manager for heat recovery ventilation of FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology division.

Easy installation saves time and costs

profi-air sensor units are particularly installation-friendly because they save time and costs during commissioning: Installers measure the required air volume right at the ventilation unit and set it there. Both ventilation units are easy to control using either the control unit right at the device or the optional wireless remote control. profi-air sensor fits in standard cabinet units with the measures 60 x 60 cm and can thus be integrated without attracting attention.

Space-saving flat unit: profi-air 180 flat

With profi-air 180 flat, installers always make the right choice for heat recovery ventilation in residential construction: A clearance of 30 cm only is required for installations in suspended ceilings. Installers can install profi-air 180 flat horizontally on the ceiling or vertically on the wall. "The flat unit also features a switchable air connection. Installers can easily switch between right or left oper-ation", Tobias Fraas explains.

Installation-friendly HRV solution

Just like the new units of the profi-air sensor product line, profi-air 180 flat is also an installation-friendly solution: The required air volume is measured and set right at the ventilation unit. profi-air 180 flat also boasts a very high heat recovery level of up to 95 per cent. The new flat unit allows users to centrally control their heat recovery ventilation as required. Two optional sensors – a humidity sensor and a VOC sensor for volatile organic compounds – are incorporated in the unit.

Useful accessories

profi-air 180 flat features a comprehensive range of accessories. A control unit is included and a wireless remote control for comfortable regulation from within the living quarters is optionally available. A separate connection box allows additional sensors to be connected, if required. The heater coil can easily be connected to the unit. Where the condensate siphon cannot be installed with a gravity flow, installers can use the condensate pump for profi-air 180 flat.

"A" energy label for profi-air ventilation units

As of 1 January 2016, the European Union's (EU) ErP directive specifying the energy efficiency requirements of various "energy-related products" has been extended to include ventilation units as well. All FRÄNKISCHE ventilation units already comply with the requirements of the second stage of the so-called Ecodesign Directive valid as of 2018: The comfortable profi-air 250 and 400 touch, the compact profi-air 180 and 300 sensor and the particularly flat profi-air 180 flat units feature the energy efficiency label A. "Some of our units also allow a trouble-free upgrade via the control unit so that we can also reach the top values of the A+ label", Tobias Fraas explains.

With the new ventilation units profi-air 180 and 300 sensor as well as profi-air 180 flat, FRÄNKISCHE opens up the market for new construction and renova-tion. The ventilation specialist's compact and/or particularly flat units are espe-cially installation-friendly because they are easy to install and to operate and save valuable time when setting the required air volumes.

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