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Fit for the digital age in HRV

Two additional applications complement the range of FRÄNKISCHE software: From now on, the users can operate the profi-air 250 flex and profi-air 180 flat ventilation units simply by means of the profi-air cockpit app. For the purposes of commissioning, the installers make use of the new profi-air cockpit pro software solution. Thanks to the starline app, the users can also see before the installation, what effect the ventilation grills will have on the room, whereas the easyCALC layout software allows quick calculation of profi-air ventilation systems.

Digitization makes a lot of processes far easier already today; software solutions and augmented reality offers capture the market. FRÄNKISCHE demonstrates far-sightedness: "We keep pace with the times and offer our customers two new handy tools," says Tobias Fraas, Product Manager of Heat Recovery Ventilation at FRÄNKISCHE's Building Technology Division. With a new app and software, the building technology expert supports end users and installers in operation and commissioning of profi-air 250 flex and profi-air 180 flat ventilation units.

Operating ventilation units with an app: profi-air cockpit

With the profi-air cockpit app, the users control the profi-air 250 flex and profi-air 180 flat ventilation units, entirely without any additional costs. Depending on the requirement, they can, for instance, set the current operation mode or operation step, as well as activate summer bypass, holiday mode or night setback. Besides, the profi-air cockpit app displays temperature, humidity, air quality and filter status, as well as possible error messages. The new application is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android gadgets.

Commissioning made easy

The profi-air cockpit pro software goes one step further: In addition to the display and setting of different functions, it guides the installers step-by-step through the process of commissioning of profi-air 250 flex and profi-air 180 flat ventilation units. Following the installation, the specialists connect the computer with the ventilation unit by means of the USB cable, and open the software. The commissioning assistant conducts the calibration of air volumes and supports the installers: The application displays, for instance, the selected operation mode and the accessories connected. Moreover, it allows setting a weekly programme, and reading the history of error messages, operation states and temperatures if required. The software for Windows PCs is available for free download at

Ventilation grills in a 3D view

With its starline app, FRÄNKISCHE also provides the users with an augmented reality application. The programme projects 3D views of FRÄNKISCHE's starline design grills onto the desired location in the room. All the users need is a smartphone or tablet, the starline app and a printed marker. The programme is available free of charge on Google Play for Android gadgets, as well as on the App Store for iOS devices, the marker is available for download, for example, at Simply download, print out and position at the desired location in the room. This is how the users can get an idea of what effect different design grills will produce in their flat to facilitate their choice.

Quick calculation of profi-air ventilation systems

A simple solution for calculating the required air volume for residential buildings on the basis of DIN 1946-6, and for listing the required material for a heat recovery ventilation system is provided by the easyCALC quick layout software. To conduct calculation, the programme makes use of the entire FRÄNKISCHE profi-air range of products. The list of materials is calculated with just a few clicks, and is available as an Excel table or as a PDF file. Registration as a user in the software allows you to use the data from already accomplished projects as a basis for further undertakings. easyCALC is available in a number of languages. The software can be found at


Be it commissioning, control or planning: Digital solutions are helpful tools in heat recovery ventilation. "Thanks to our profi-air cockpit app, the pro-version for a PC, the starline app and the easyCALC software, both the installers and the end users benefit from digital opportunities," says Tobias Fraas.