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FIPLOCK®ONE the new corrugated Conduit Threaded Connector

FIPLOCK®ONE the new corrugated Conduit Threaded Connector

The new, high-quality FIP corrugated conduit connection simplifies connection technology: While different IP protection classes used to require different connections for corrugated conduits, FIPLOCK®ONE now combines all protection class requirements for industrial applications. Our new threaded connector facilitates product selection, saves storage costs and thus reduces the handling effort for the customers to a minimum. One connector for all applications high economic efficiency is guaranteed and sources of potential errors are minimized already in application specifications," Andy Girola, Managing Director International of FRÄNKISCHE Cable Management, sums up the advantages. The new FIPLOCK®ONE fittings from the FIPSYSTEMS® cable protection program open up a great variety of connection options in industry, plant and tool engineering, power facilities, railroad engineering and in other fields of application.


Easy Push Installation Continuous Reliability

FIPLOCK®ONE ensures a reliable and durably tight connection of corrugated conduits from the FIPSYSTEMS® program with the fine and coarse profile of NW 07 to NW 48. The threaded connectors delivered pre-mounted and ready-to-fit offer utmost safety in terms of application and installation: The fittings made of specially formulated polyamide 6 can be connected simply by pushing the corrugated conduit into the threaded connector. Just use a commercially available screwdriver to open and re-use the threaded connector if needed. The integrated conduit seal permanently ensures the highest possible IP-protection category, even under demanding environmental conditions and dynamic load of the conduit. FIPLOCK®ONE boasts a high level of weather resistance as well as impact resistance and pull-out strength.


Complete Range of FIPSYSTEMS® Products

Further new developments, innovations and special-purpose products for a wide range of applications in modern cable protection complete the FIPLOCK® standard corrugated conduits and the new range of accessories. Durable mechanical cable protection and most flexible routing of wires and cables - this is always our top priority. FIP products are available in various material qualities depending on the requirements. According to the motto "We simplify your World", FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes with its FIPSYSTEMS® product line offers solutions to each and every challenge in the field of cable protection. In addition to the FIPLOCK® products, these also include FIPHEAT® high-temperature corrugated conduits, FIPMOTION® high-dynamic corrugated conduits, and FIPSPLIT® two-piece corrugated conduits plus threaded connectors and accessories. The FIPJACK® range encompasses textile protection hoses, FIPMETAL® includes metal protection hoses, and FIPSPECIALS® stands for special solutions that can be customized and tailored to the individual customers' needs whatever the requirement may be.


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